Meet Marius Jansen -
Marius Jansen

Marius Jansen

Co-Founder and COO Deribit


Marius Jansen is a crypto enthusiast and an ex-crypto trader. He is interested in Bitcoin since 2012 and soon after that, he started trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. While many of his friends were trading on "normal" stock exchanges, Marius grew into trading cryptocurrencies daily in early 2013 -- mostly market making and arbitrage. In the early days, he was responsible for a decent amount of the total bitcoin trading volume worldwide. As an experienced (ex-)crypto trader Marius was closely involved in the development of the platform, after all, he is John's younger brother. In 2016 he joined Deribit and at the beginning of 2017, he quit trading to join the Deribit team on a full-time basis.

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