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Maria Asuncion Gilsanz Muñoz

Maria Asuncion Gilsanz Muñoz

Cognitive Services Director Banco Sabadell


Maria Asuncion Gilsanz Muñoz is a Cognitive Services Director and leader in defining strategies as the key driver in the digital transformation programs in the financial services and banking sector, through good management information, big data, analytics, and integration solutions and systems.

She is responsible for aligning business strategy with IT, data analytics, technology, and innovation to help shape the overall company business strategy.

Maria is a specialist in Architecture, IT Strategy and Information Technology. She has experience as Director of Architecture, an expert in systems and government information, Multichannel and Omni-channel processes, integration strategies and applications map.

She has strong management skills being able to perform complex analyses and provide innovative solutions, dealing with all types of clients, evaluating risks and difficult situations and providing solutions to each of them.

Maria also has a degree in Maths and a Masters in Quantitative Finances related to the application of mathematical methods to the solution of problems in financial economics and financial risks.

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