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Mareme Dieng

Mareme Dieng

Head of International Partnerships and Relations Draper University


Mareme Dieng is currently the head of international partnerships and relations at DraperU. She has a 2-year experience working previously as a program manager for Draper University, an intensive entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley before endorsing her current position. Mareme has worked for research centers in Paris (CNRS) and Senegal (ISM). She has also worked as the Hackathon Manager at Schoolab, an innovation studio based in Paris that offered consultancy in innovation to top European corporates.

She is passionate about human development and structuring systems that maximize individuals' potential. She has worked with several educational organizations such as ISM Senegal and the Global Scholar Programs in Johannesburg and has developed with the different educational models in order to promote entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation within the African education system. She has worked with the Global Startup Ecosystem on the Programmation of the Ghana Tech Summit and the Haiti Tech Summit which both took place in 2018. She has also worked with the Lumina Foundation based in Indianapolis through a research project with Bennington College on investigating work-integrated learning and the ways we prepare college students for the workforce.

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