Meet Marcus Pullen -
Marcus Pullen

Marcus Pullen

Managing Director Blue Donut Studios


Marcus Pullen is the Managing Director of Blue Donut Studios Ltd., a content creator that specializes in developing mixed-media content for AR and VR in comics and exhibitions. Together with sister company Imersar Ltd they have launched a new AR content engagement app for publishers called KomikARĀ® and developed an online virtual museum.

The studio has developed a range of projects that have utilized Augmented Reality for wearable AR fashion, cultural and historical AR and VR projects and corporate promotions using AR.

The KomikAR mobile app is being developed with content localization partners in Japan and Europe and is designed to help publishers engage new and existing readers with AR content and interactive episodic games that cross over digital and existing print without the need for expensive reprints reinvigorating published titles and providing enhanced interactivity for mobile users on the go.

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