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Maksim Balashevich

Maksim Balashevich

Founder and CEO


Maksim Balashevich is a veteran product creator and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of leading international teams and more than 10 years in financial market analysis. With a dedicated passion for yoga and meditative practices, he draws on his unique background to foster a human-focused, balanced approach to building communities and decentralized platforms.

He founded Santiment in 2016 with the intent of it becoming the most comprehensive on-chain, social, and other bespoke crypto metrics platform for investors, traders, and hobbyists. Today, Santiment's reliable and facilitated data is used for a variety of different purposes ranging between introducing and better understanding fundamentals of 1,000+ projects, day trading, long-term investing, and general cryptocurrency market education.

From quantifying network activity of different stakeholders to comprehending sentiment and social behavior, Santiment tracks several social platforms to provide relevant behavioral metrics. This metrics site can foreshadow local tops, bottoms, and the long-term horizon of any given project. The platform focuses on clean and reliable data feeds, low-latency signals, and custom market analysis. Leveraging on-chain, social, development, and other data sources, Santiment has developed dozens of specialized tools, indicators, and strategies that help users identify, contextualize and react to market events and anomalies.

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