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Maja Vujinovic

Maja Vujinovic

CEO OGroup


Maja Vujinovic is committed to a future where innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI enhance and support the global human experience. As CEO of OGroup, Maja focuses on investing in technologies and advising companies looking to innovate with applications of emerging tech that are driving disruption in business models. In her previous role as Chief Innovation Officer of Emerging Tech & Future of Work at General Electric, Digital, she drove change in one of the world’s largest technology companies. Maja spearheaded company-wide innovation around legacy systems and how blockchain could aid in the development of agile business processes and anticipate market changes, minimizing investment risk.

For over fifteen years, Maja has operated globally at the intersection of technology and geopolitical realities to develop solutions that are profitable and create economic impact. In her past role, she helped drive the development of infrastructure and smart cities spanning across five continents. During that time, Maja oversaw development of teams and investments across industries such as mobile tech, global payments, energy, and healthcare. Maja is frequently invited to speak on topics of innovation, digital identity, and scalability.

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