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Maha El Dimachki

Maha El Dimachki

Head of Payments Department Financial Conduct Authority


Maha El Dimachki is a business leader with experience across multiple geographies, with a strong emphasis on delivering change, and matching capabilities to a target market.

Throughout her career, she devised and delivered strategies to improve sales performance, governance, and control, often working in high-pressure environments with multiple stakeholders. She lived and worked in Europe and Australia, with teams and clients in various geographical locations and spanning numerous cultures.

In her previous roles at RBS, Maha has been delivering operational exit of products, services, and markets as part of the bank’s cost reduction and simplification strategy. Her experience includes the design and builds of bank partnership arrangements, she is experienced in dealing with budgets of £100m+ and have a strong cost focus.

Maha has worked extensively in sales roles, delivering revenue growth and disciplines that ensure the sustainability of results. She delivered a fresh approach to product sales at RBS, instilling a governance structure for deal selection based on commerciality and product capability, with appropriate risk management processes.

She has built and led teams, ensuring the provision of tools and training, particularly in rapidly changing market and regulatory environments. Engaging with, and influencing internal teams and business heads, as well as external parties and the regulator, has featured throughout her career. Maha has been able to communicate objectives and gain support without direct reporting relationships.

Maha has substantial capacity for work volume and complexity; in recent years she has retained accountability for key deliverables while gaining significant incremental responsibilities.

Outside her corporate roles, she has worked as a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation and brought her business skills to bear in Board and other roles with not-for-profit organizations.

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