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Lynn Liss

Lynn Liss

Co-Founder and COO Akoin


Lynn Liss is the Co-Founder and COO of Akoin with global artist and change-maker Akon, a new cryptocurrency for Africa and other rising economies supported by our eco-system of DApp/App partnered tools and services for entrepreneurship and economic inclusion; providing learning-earning-spending and saving opportunities, and private exchange between DApp/App partnered currencies.

She is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years in the social impact sector; advising, building, executing and operating innovative business models. Lynn was a founding partner at ICO Impact Group, providing strategic advisement to blockchain companies and new cryptocurrencies with a social impact.

Lynn brings extensive experience to each venture having spent 10+ years as a management consultant with BearingPoint and CGI-AMS (top 5), providing executive advisement and deploying leading technology and solutions to Fortune 500 companies, including negotiating a $20M+ deal signed by the COO of Microsoft.

Her leadership in the 'Social Good' sector includes Co-Founder and COO of "Game for Good" AOK (Act and Observe Kindness) with Adrian Grenier and award-winning game designers Natron Baxter; Advisor/Board Member for GIVIT, a content platform to raise money for charity; and Co-Founder and COO of The Golden Opportunity, a social experiment and video community for micro-activism.

Lynn's early startup years in the Web 2.0/Community sector included serving as COO for FUNDABILITY, a platform for startups and angel and venture capital; Strategic Partnerships for VATOR TV, a networking and news community for startups; and VP of Partnerships & Acquisitions for TALKBIZNOW, a small business networking, and business platform.

With an MBA in Strategy/Finance from the University of Chicago (top 3), Lynn has deep networks and experience across the startup, social impact, entertainment, technology, and blockchain sectors.

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