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Lucas Nuzzi

Lucas Nuzzi

Network Data Product Manager Coin Metrics


For the past six years, the majority of Lucas Nuzzi's waking hours have been dedicated to the research and development of distributed financial systems. He was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2012 while still in college, which allowed him to play with its codebase and slowly digest its technology.

Lucas started his career developing blockchains for notarization and time-stamping when the digital asset market was a fraction of what it is today. At Digital Asset Research, he oversees the firm's research on the underlying technology of crypto assets by reviewing and testing the code of their implementations and assisting in the data collection process.

For what it’s worth, Lucas comments on this topic have been featured on Bloomberg, Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Investopedia, CoinDesk, Economic Times, RT, amongst many other publications.

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