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Louise Blake

Louise Blake

Vice President, Data Seera Group


Louise Blake is working in the data and analytics field for the 15 years, across multiple industries has enabled her to understand how to (and not to in many cases) use data and tools to really drive the business forward.

She believes that analytics should no longer be silo-ed as a ‘specialism’ but should form the core of all business decisions. She is most successful when she can offer tools and insight to transform and empower organizations and promote a data-centric culture. Smart decisions are built on data foundations and provide organizations with the ability to be creative without the risk.

She is an advisory Board Member (Datacon Series) Keynote Speaker at Data, Marketing and Travel conferences such as AWS Summit, Skift Conferences, Dubai Smart Data Summit, Arabian Travel Market (Dubai), Travel Tech (Amsterdam), DataCon (Cairo), STEP Conference (Dubai) Tableau Conference (Dubai and London), plus regular panelist at digital meetups.

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