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Louis Curran

Louis Curran

Partner JST Capital


Louis Curran joined JST Capital in October 2018 and is responsible for business development, primarily in Asia but also with a global outlook.

JST Capital is a financial services firm offering three primary product offerings in the Digital Asset space. Asset Management, Market Making & Treasury Management services.
In his former roles, Louis has worked in Institutional FX sales since 1`992.

Most recently Louis served as the Head of Asia FX business for Jefferies & Co, preceding this he was Head of Asian Institutional FX Sales for UBS Singapore.

Louis has long-standing relationships with Institutional Real Money Clients, Global Macro Hedge Funds and Central Banks and is now bringing his relationships and connectivity to bear in the crypto space.

Louis still manages his own family office and actively trades crypto and macro markets. his experience in the Digital Asset space has been across a spectrum of activity. He has raised capital for some of Europe’s highly regarded names in the Blockchain sector and counted the likes of Polkadot, Ocean Protocol and Energy Web Foundation as clients.

In that time, Louis focused on transitioning fully into the world of Digital Assets and was appointed Partner of J.S.T. Capital (JST) in October 2019.

JST Capital is a Financial Services business operating in the Digital Assets space with offices in New York and Singapore. The senior partners at JST each bring over twenty years of expertise in traditional financial services, having worked with most of Wall Street’s leading Investment Banking Firms.

The senior management team at JST possess a strong pedigree in trading illiquid and volatile Emerging Markets, Fixed Income and Commodities, in addition, the senior management team in New York having worked at the office of the District Attorney New York(lower district-Manhattan) and a senior management level at the New York Fed. This has created a robust and well-rounded set of skills combined with market experience to serve clients in the volatile world of Cryptocurrency.

JST first entered the cryptocurrency space in 2014, working with some of the world’s early adopters and most highly regarded blockchain projects at the time. Leveraging that experience, JST launched a full suite of traditional financial services to institutions in the Digital Asset market in 2017. JST is acutely focused on regulatory best practices, upholding upstanding track records of operating under Legal and Regulatory frameworks for over two decades.

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