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Liza Horowitz

Liza Horowitz

Chief Marketing Officer VirgoCX Virtual Currency Trading Platform


Liza Horowitz helps make sales easier for companies of all sizes. Her specialty is B2B and more recently entered B2C and P2P markets. She helps make sales easier by creating action plans, marketing, and revenue strategies. Her strengths are growth hacking, leveraging technology, community, partnerships, and people to make it happen. She is obsessed with customer experience and research.

She has created numerous sales and outreach campaigns on most platforms including Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She gets engagement by creating creative content, scripts for speeches, whiteboard videos, webinars, interviews, meet-ups, conferences, press releases, ambassador programs and pitches. She has 18+ years of experience leading public, private corporations and start-ups through strategic planning, marketing, and communications development, and market expansion. Liza has led and supported company expansions in China, Germany, Canada, and the USA. All of her roles require an advanced and innovative ability to interpret market research, competitive analysis, and customer insights to inform business decisions.

She has held senior leadership positions in the financial services, IT and engineering industries. She is a life long learner and while working, completed a Master of Science. Advisory Boards: SPL Group and Global Women in Blockchain.

To keep her skills fresh, she enjoys working with start-ups and small businesses. She is the Chief Marketing Officer for a Canadian virtual currency trading platform and payment gateway. Previously, she has led a dual role as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer at FA Enterprise System Inc., a tech start-up,, and, a decentralized crypto trading platform.

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