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Lindy Chen

Lindy Chen

Founding President Australian Blockchain Alliance


Lindy Chen has fifteen years of experience in International Trade and is a member of the Australia China Business Council.

Her contribution to her company's success has been in developing a unique business model and in management and administration. One of her strengths is in introducing systems to maximize efficiency. Her willingness to take risks and do things differently has allowed her to overcome many obstacles to achieve success. This includes starting the business on a budget of only $2,000 using a PC in an internet café. ChinaDirect operates differently from the average broker.

She has an impressive track record in China and Australia. Before settling in Australia, she held senior management roles in Chinese and Australian companies operating from China.

However, it wasn’t all up and up. Upon arriving in Australia in 2002, she couldn’t find a job and took on various volunteer roles. This included raising awareness of China by organizing community events for a local council, promoting the use of public transport, and running events showcasing the talents of multicultural youths. Her first big break was selling movie tickets door to door. After three weeks she made a grand sum of $100 and wore out her runners. But she learned how to read a map and gained the confidence to speak English.

She has a strong desire to raise Australian's awareness of China, and vice versa, so the businesses from the two countries can grow harmoniously together. She has also authored a book, ‘Import From China…How To Make a Million and Not Get Burnt’ and a DVD with the same title.

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