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Light Lin

Light Lin

CEO Poseidon Network


Light Lin is the CEO of Poseidon Network, a decentralized content acceleration network based on Edge Computing, and Co-Founder of BiiLabs, a Taiwan-based startup focusing on distributed ledger technology (DLT) with IOTA, providing scalable Internet of Things (IoT) applications to build a trusted economy. Its specialties include secured data transaction for distributed identification, smart city solutions (e.g. Air Quality Sensor Grid), and smart energy management. It partners with Taipei City Government, IOTA Foundation and other world-class organizations to enable industry innovation with real-world use cases.

Prior to BiiLabs, Light Lin co-founded (2003-2007, acquired by Yahoo!), (2012-2017, successful exit), and also managed 2 angel funds (37 portfolios with 40M USD AUM).

Light Lin received the 2014 “Award for Creativity & Research” from Pan Wen Yuan Foundation, a key indicative award in the technology field. He also sits on the “Youth Advisory Board” for Governmental Executive Yuan. He received the “100 MVP Managers Award” in 2014, and also “Young Achiever Award” from Monte Jade Science & Technology Association, a key organization that takes a pro-active role in enhancing Taiwan’s tech entrepreneurship.

In 2015, he was invited by Taipei City Government to serve as the Advisor for Taipei Municipal. He also actively participates in the legislative process toward a more open platform for equity crowdfunding. In addition, he advises the amendment in corporate laws that govern closely-held companies.

In 2016, he joined the Advisory Committee of National Project ASVDA (Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency). In 2017, he serves on the Advisory Committee of DIGI+ (a national digitalization project) by Executive Yuan.

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