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Leo Elduayen

Leo Elduayen

Co-Founder and COO Koibanx


After a brief and early beginning of private law practice, Leo Elduayen spent more than 5 years at the corporate sector, mainly focused on designing different strategies to fulfill regulation & compliance standards both at a local and a regional level. Among them are IP & takedown processes for online publications and e-commerce in Latin America, Tobacco advertising, media campaigns in Argentina and claims prevention predictive models for Latam.

He has always been a technology-driven minded person and enthusiast. He thinks of technology as a tool for social empowerment and disruption for a better good. In this path, he discovered Bitcoin & Blockchain technologies in 2014. Since then he has helped in the creation of decentralized communities through the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, PerĂº) through his position at the Latin America Bitcoin Foundation. He is applying regulation to help traditional models embrace such technologies and government authorities exploit the benefits they carry with them in a harmonic way that has been his focus.

In 2015, he co-founded Koibanx and serves as its COO. Koibanx is a Fintech company that develops Smart Contracts & Blockchain services turn-key-solutions primarily for financial institutions looking for zero-cash collections and delivery systems, micro-lending platforms, digital wallets, asset tokenization frameworks, decentralized voting processes, etc.

In 2016, he joined RSK Labs, the first open-source peer-to-peer Smart Contracts platform powered by the Bitcoin Blockchain, as an adviser for Regulation, Compliance & Opps matters.

Since then, he has been also "evangelizing", public speaking in several conferences about Bitcoin, Blockchain, the effect disintermediated and decentralized technologies have in our daily social and economic life and how to build proper regulatory environments for the birth of such beneficial movements.

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