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Lee Brenner has spent most of his career at the intersection of technology, public policy, and storytelling. As a digital media, communications, and marketing strategy entrepreneur, with a specialty in how technology, social news, and online platforms are changing traditional communications, journalism & politics, he has worked on & led marketing, partnerships & storytelling teams within the civic technology space, has worked on advancing monetization concepts for digital news platforms and focused outreach toward traditionally hard-to-reach demographics.

After years of working in tech, including Microsoft, producing at CNN, leading the innovative news, political & non-profit division at MySpace during the 2007-2008 Presidential election season, co-founding a boutique, digital communications & marketing firm, running a social news & events start-up, as well as co-hosting a "politics/public affairs meets social media" SiriusXM show, a unique skill set has been acquired, including the ability to translate "tech-speak" to layman terms and vice-versa, with a key understanding of how to reach an audience using different platforms and mediums.

With a desire to use technology for social good, whether in government, civil society, or non-profits, Lee has tried to maintain that integrity during his career. Lee has been a Term Member of Council on Foreign Relations for 5 years; he sits on the Board of Advisors of Why Tuesday?, a voting rights organization; and he has recently joined the new Technology Board of Advisors to Atlas Corps, an organization that brings technology & social innovators from around the world to train in the United States.

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