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Laura Degiovanni

Laura Degiovanni

Founder and CEO TiiQu


Laura Degiovanni is the Founder and CEO of TIIQU. Since 2016 she is committed to empowering individuals with portable credentials allowing one-click access to opportunities and trust online and offline. Before coming to London to found TiiQu, Laura was based in Paris managing and developing multi-channel businesses in the EMEA markets for Miroglio fashion Group. Laura’s first venture as an entrepreneur in 1996, developed from scratch an innovative franchise concept converting shops into inspiring places to experience brands. A concept that is today the norm for retail.

In her work as an entrepreneur, consultant, manager, and employee, Laura gained a broad experience in managing and growing large multi-channel networks interacting with stakeholders at any level across countries, she understood the risk determined by subjective judgment and stigmatization of people in business contexts and saw in advance the increasing need for a new mechanism to establish trust and decision-making processes fair and objective in a skills-driven future.

Laura is a strong supporter of the concept of trustlessness, meaning a context where trust between parties is unnecessary because the underlying system guarantees the desired outcome of a certain action, to spread the concept of trustlessness, she is launched in 2018 the Trustless Ecosystems group bringing it to over 800 members, and launched the new chapter Trustless Ecosystems 2030 in 2019 to enhance the conversation and collaboration between blockchain world and real-world stakeholders.

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