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Lanre Bamisebi

Lanre Bamisebi

Group Director IT and Operations Equity Bank Limited


Lanre Bamisebi is a senior technology leader with proven results in driving transformation and creating business value from solutions that impact the bottom line, a transformative and visionary business leader with a proven track record of helping companies leverage technology to drive real business value.

He built and led high-performing teams across a wide range of disciplines, including, operations, Human Resources, Training, Consulting, business development, and technology.

Presently, the CIO and Group head of IT Services for Diamond Bank. In addition to his role at Diamond Bank, Lanre also serves on numerous technology and industry advisory boards and works with non-profits that benefit the development of our future workforce in science, technology, Machine Learning, and AI.

When Lanre is not working, he enjoys plants and nature, a bonsai lover and an owner.

His specialties include IT Cost Management, Digital Transformation, Strategy, User Experience (UX), Product Development, Agile, Business Development, Cloud Technologies, Machine learning, AI, Network architecture, Digital Innovation, and Enterprise Sales.

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