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Kyle Chasse

Kyle Chasse

Founder Master Ventures


Kyle Chasse has always been a visionary, creating first of a kind company out of passion and unique foresight. An early adopter of Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2012 and going ALL-IN to the crypto world by 2014. His focus is on the application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain/DLT technology to create fully integrated platforms and protocols utilizing cutting edge developments. Kyle is now consulting ICO start-ups that share his belief in a better world through decentralization. He is working on his own project now that will disrupt small to medium business killers.

Kyle has a deep network to help projects he works with have very strong ICOs through his vast reach of funds, syndicates, influencers, launch pads, tech teams, marketing & PR agencies and economists.

Kyle an equity holder in many early-stage fintech/blockchain start-ups such as, Shape Shift, Bitso, Bitmex, Tokenly, Storj, Maidsafe, Synereo, Exodus, Kraken and more. I've also invested in many ICO's at an early stage starting in 2016. He is always at least one step ahead of the market and has been working with regulatory compliance since early 2017 and has invested in several new start-ups that offer equity, security tokens or utility tokens or a combination of each.

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