Meet Kumar Modi -
Kumar Modi

Kumar Modi

Head of Planning and Development CKH Innovations Opportunities Development


Kumar Modi is Head of Planning & Development at 3Groups’ International Carrier Services team; as part of the newly formed entity CKH Innovation Opportunity and Development (CKH IOD) representing 11 MNOs in Europe and Asia.

Kumar is a keen advocate for the use of new technologies to make the roaming business fit for purpose and ready for future requirements. Kumar is leading the group’s Blockchain initiatives to automate exchange, billing, and settlement for improved efficiency and cash flow management. In addition, Kumar is looking at new ways to add value to the Roaming relationships, making best use of CKH’s broad portfolio including digital content.

Prior to joining the CKH, Kumar developed broad experience working at PricewaterhouseCoopers supporting FTSE 100 media and energy businesses.

Kumar lives in London and is an avid cyclist.

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