Meet Kohei Kurihara -
Kohei Kurihara

Kohei Kurihara

President of Tokyo Chapter Government Blockchain Association


Kohei Kurihara is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of CollaboGate, a decentralized collaboration platform, that matches people who want to collaborate on exciting projects and for companies looking to find great talents. Using their technology, they access professionals and verify their skills and experiences, so it is easier for projects to find great talents online. They are providing digital transformation service for enterprises with blockchain technology and concept designing.

He is also the President of Tokyo Chapter at Government Blockchain Association, the community to be consist of diversified talented and sectors. They aim to be a part of blockchain practice with individual empowerment and seek future government establishment.

Before starting CollaboGate, he has worked with a major Japanese e-commerce company and also have extensive experience with education and non-profit organizations, and with the secretaries of local politicians around creating and developing public policy.

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