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Kish Hirani

Kish Hirani

CTO Terra Virtua


Kish Hirani is passionate about technology, from the early days of hobby programming as a teenager to university, all the way through to technical leadership, developer technology services and evangelism at various exciting companies.

The diverse fields and applications of the technology keep his fascination fuelled. He loves videogames in particular, and thoroughly enjoys being right in the middle of the industries whose technological advances keep his passion fulfilled pretty well.

He started in the videogames industry in 1996 as a Software Engineer, the day after, his MSc in Comp Sc from Edinburgh Univ, swiftly moving to technical leadership roles at notable development studios & publisher houses.

Kish moved over to platform-holders around 2005 starting with Microsoft and soon after to Sony as the Head of Developer Services, running the developer technology services division, just after the launch of PS3 in Europe in 2007. He was responsible for developing and managing resources for all PlayStation developer-facing technical activities with a simple goal of helping game developers and middleware partners make the best games and tools on PlayStation through world-class support.

He had his personal goal of making PlayStation technology and platform more accessible and approachable to developers and middleware partners and pleased to have over-achieve that in the 8 years he was at PlayStation Europe.

He is now the CTO of Terra Virtua, an entertainment-focused VR World focused on digital collectibles with all assets and transactions secured on the blockchain. In addition, he is on a select few startups as a technical advisor.

He is also the Founding Chair of BAME in Games and on the Advisory Board of Women in Games, two advocacy organizations that exist to encourage more diverse talent working in the videogames and the wider entertainment industry.

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