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Kim Soares

Kim Soares

Founder and CEO Kukouri Mobile Entertainment


Kim Soares is an experienced game development executive, board veteran in many companies, a regular speaker at industry events, enthusiastic gamer. He has been a gamer on five different decades since he got his first console in 1979, and from then on games have been his main interest both professionally and as a lifestyle.

He founded multi-award-winning indie developer Kukouri Mobile Entertainment 2011. Kukouri won the Best Indie Developer award at the 2019 Mobile Game Awards.

Game design is his personal discipline but for his entire career in games, he has also been on leadership roles, from the producer and office manager to CEO. He has a holistic and strategic view of game development. He has shipped more than 15 games with more than 35 million downloads combined. He is well connected within the industry and understand the quickly changing market. Working with outside stakeholders, partners and clients are familiar to him, as is outsourcing parts of the development.

As a leader, he is a team builder. He gives a lot of autonomy to his team members but also expects dedication, initiative, and skills. He is very experienced in bringing different people from different disciplines together to make new games from scratch and ship them on time and on budget. Personally, he does not work by the clock or time of day: He does what is needed when it’s needed. Because he loves what he does.

Kukouri's Tiny Troopers games have more than 30 million downloads on mobile and 2,5 million on Playstation. Also available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Samsung SmartTV's. Kukouri's latest game, social MMO sandbox Pixel Worlds was released in January 2017 and has over 2,5 million downloads. Available on Android, iOS, Steam and Windows Store, Pixel Worlds merges game and social media into one experience. Pixel Worlds won the People’s Choice award at the 2018 Game Connection game development awards.

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