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Khalid Khan

Khalid Khan

Managing Director Astound Commerce


Three themes (People, Commerce, Tech) that have fueled Khalid Khan's curiosity and shaped his career in the Middle East over the last decade. Whether as a founding entrepreneur or leader in a large multinational organization, he has crafted and successfully executed plans, both strategic and tactical that deliver long term business value and growth, while balancing the many risks inherent in the diverse, emerging markets of the middle east.

For the last 4 years, he has been leading the Middle East business of Astound Commerce, a multinational digital commerce service provider. He has a genuine interest in people frames the lens through which he views his life and work. As brands attempt to navigate their way through the complicated landscape of digital commerce and transformation, he has ensured that Astound Middle East has never lost sight of the fact that despite all the jargon and tech, we are ultimately serving fellow human beings. By adding genuine value to some of the best-known brands in the region, they have earned their trust and from this foundation, built a hugely successful, market-leading business.

His IT solutions sales experience includes Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, Virtualisation, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, MongoDB, Demandware, Magento, E-commerce, PIM, Hybris, IBM, CRM, ERP, SAP, SalesForce.

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