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Khaldoun Al Khaldi

Khaldoun Al Khaldi

VP and Head of IT Infrasturcture and Security Operations Noor Bank


Khaldoun Al Khaldi is a visionary IT leader with a track record for defining, building and optimizing best-in-class IT infrastructures and operations. He has a reputation for defining enterprise technology strategies/solutions that reduce cost, improve efficiency, support organizational goals, and objectives, and maximize technology investments.

He has a dynamic management career with strong leadership, relationship building, problem-solving, planning, team-building and project management skills with a positive can-do nature with a smile. He is a resident go-to person and resident expert for analysis and solutions. He develops, motivates and retains diverse staff by structuring them in teams that deliver results and enterprise objectives with a personal touch.

Khalduon is able to define IT visions and plans at the enterprise level, define and source the right IT solutions to support business objectives, and build cost-effective and scalable solutions that support business growth. He is establishing, deploying and consolidating IT operations and managed teams across diverse cultures.

He has a track record for building strong relations with the right vendors to reduce costs, improve support and service, and support enterprise strategic goals and objectives with above-average ability to attract and lead top IT talent, inspire excellence, and create team cultures based on performance and innovation.

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