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Kevin Batteh

Kevin Batteh

CEO Jenga Advisors LLC


Kevin Batteh is an attorney and government affairs expert working in the field of derivatives regulation and policy. He is a senior advisor to a number of blockchain and digital currency (e.g. bitcoin and ether) related companies. He is a former Futures and Derivatives Special Counsel and Policy Advisor to the Senate Agriculture Committee handling CFTC re-authorization. Former counsel to Commissioner Sommers, providing policy and legal advice around the CFTC's Dodd-Frank Act rulemaking and other Commission business.

He also served as a lead Enforcement attorney with both a US and UK regulator. His practice areas include derivatives regulation, investigation of market abuse, market manipulation (including the LIBOR investigation), insider trading, fraud, trade practices and other civil and criminal violations across a range of securities and derivatives markets including futures and swaps; experience in both US and international (UK) markets. He has extensive knowledge of US and British financial regulatory law including the US Commodity Exchange Act, Dodd-Frank Act, and the UK Financial Services and Markets Act. He has experience in investigating and litigating matters involving derivatives and securities law violations.

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