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Kate Baucherel

Kate Baucherel

COO City Web Consultants


Kate Baucherel is a digital strategist specializing in the application of emerging technology, and COO of City Web Consultants, a full stack enterprise systems development company.

She writes about the emerging technology landscape for several online and print publications, and in fiction (the SimCavalier novels). She speaks at local, national, virtual and international conferences, recently including SXSW, BrightTALK, Blockchain Game Summit. She chaired part of London Blockchain Summit 2018 and has facilitated a range of live and webcast events.

She understands the applications and limitations of augmented and virtual realities, artificial intelligence and data analytics, and other emerging technologies. She is up to speed with current issues in cybersecurity, data privacy, and overarching digital ethics.

In the area of blockchain and DLT, Kate focuses on the developing regulatory and ethical landscape of ICO fundraising, appropriate tokenization in distributed applications, practical application of distributed ledger technologies in managing digital and physical assets, and the intersection of blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

She has a working knowledge of the strengths, key components and transaction flow of public, hybrid and permission enterprise blockchains. She co-founded digital collaboration group Sphere Network and occasionally lecture at Teesside University Business School.

Her experience in digital businesses and as a Chartered Management Accountant spans almost 30 years in the UK and USA, from a major ERP provider to blockchain software development via utilities, construction, manufacturing, sports, recruitment, and the licensed trade, and from startups to FTSE100.

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