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Kartik Taneja

Kartik Taneja

Executive Vice President and Head of Payments Mashreq Bank


Kartik Taneja helps organizations to scale and engage with customers by combining the magical ingredients of consumer behavior, data, payments, and lending.

As a global card, lending and payments executive, his team delivered over a Billion dollars in revenue from $25Bn of payments and $15Bn in assets. His experience is both in developed Asian markets but also in developing and frontier markets. His areas of expertise in revenue, growth, data and analytics, testing and consumer behavior, risk management, marketing, and sales.

Kartik is a deeply curious person and loves to tinker. He experiments to understand what motivates people to act. He is good at visualizing what can be the potential. He has the patience to experiment and execute to realize that potential. He gets a kick from turning potential to reality.

His specialties include credit cards, payments, transformation, turnaround, wallets, mobile money, product marketing, banking, digital marketing, financial services, unsecured lending, loans, risk management, analytics, scorecards, strategic planning, integration, acquisition.

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