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Karn Sood

Karn Sood

Business Development Shell


Karn Sood currently works in Business Development for Shell’s Connected Energy group under their New Energies umbrella, focused primarily on distributed power. He supports a variety of power business development activities across the Americas in all aspects of power whether it be in renewable energy, thermal generation, load balancing, energy storage, or transmission and distribution and has always been interested in blockchain and especially seeing how the technology can fit into the future of energy.

Karn has been following blockchain since 2010-2011 but did not dive deep into the ecosystem until he purchased his first bitcoin in 2014. After that, and once Ethereum came on the scene he was hooked. He has given multiple internal presentations and trainings on blockchain and smart contracts at Shell and has helped kick off a number of workshops. He also recently went through the Consensys Developer Academy and has gained experience in writing smart contracts and full-fledged blockchain applications.

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