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Justin Wu

Justin Wu

Co-Founder and CMO Rebl


Justin Wu is a growth marketer & Information Architect, Cofounder of BlockchainNW, Seattle's First Blockchain Conference. He runs all things growth for Blockchain projects & dapps.

He builds community across regions BlockchainNW: Hosted the first Blockchain Conference in Seattle; Crypto Wall St Summit @ NASDAQ Marketsite; Blockchain48 - Phoenix Arizona; and Blockchain Beach - LA.

Justin served as Growth / Marketing Lead with over 15+ tokens & Dapps on their campaigns. In terms of growth, he has helped brands achieve over $3m in Kickstarter and launched a SaaS company $100k MRR / $1MM ARR within the first year.

In the past, he founded several startups. In parallel to all his work, he is also a content creator in the growing marketing space. He shares his insights. He collaborated with the Wall St Journal, CES, NASA, NASDAQ & been sponsored by Samsung, Intel, New Balance.

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