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Justin Elof Johnson

Justin Elof Johnson

VP, Developer Relations StackPath


As a developer advocate, Justin Elof Johnson's goal is to help builders build things better.

In his current role as VP of Developer Relations at StackPath, he advocates for our engineering team and evangelizes our platform to the developer community. He supports their internal engineering efforts by documenting our APIs and by acting as a liaison between their engineers and the developer community at large. He evangelizes their technology by working to understand the ecosystem and the challenges that software developers face so he can authentically educate the community about our technology as well as report back his findings from the field to their team.

Prior to this role, he has led developer relations and managed products for Keen IO, an analytics platform acquired by Scaleworks in 2017. He joined the team as their 7th employee and helped and grow the customer base from a handful of users to over 3,000.

In 2012, he founded a company called Late Labs that connected developers with startups who paid for contact work with equity. Before that, he was a sales professional that generated millions of dollars in business with clients like NASA, Cisco, and Netflix.

He is a curious person and strives to learn as much as he can about the world around him. Being a generalist means he has the ability to understand complex topics and systems while still recognizing how little he knows – this keeps him honest, and it keeps him growing. He loves connecting with people, loves collaborating with people, and always does his best to be as helpful as he can.

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