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Junji Katto

Junji Katto

Innovation Lead Itaú Unibanco


Junji Katto has over 10 years of experience in technology for Financial Services in several departments such as treasury (electronic trading platforms), broker-dealer (trading support, FIX integration, CRM, middle and back-office processes), custody (integration with broker-dealer processes) and research (distribution platform). He played several roles over the years, ranging from trading support, development, technical analysis, business analysis, project management, portfolio management and, most recently, in innovation.

The responsibilities in the current role include connecting the bank and providing access to the Fintech and Startup ecosystems and hubs of innovation in the US, benchmarking on how companies are adopting emerging technologies and innovating business models, establishing partnerships and collaborating directly with other companies and through consortia.

Currently, he is interested in transforming the culture and preparing the bank for a digital transformation, not just technologically but culturally as well. He is interested in blockchain/DLT, both public and private, cognitive technologies (augmented intelligence), machine learning, IoT/telematics, open banking, P2P, innovative UX solutions and others. In addition to being very interested in social impact initiatives.

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