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Julie Maupin

Julie Maupin

Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs IOTA Foundation


Julie Maupin began her career in the non-profit sector in the mid-1990s. Working in relief and development in Bihać, Bosnia taught her that human rights and individual economic empowerment are inextricably linked. This discovery later led her to study both law and economics and think deeply about the interconnections between the two. Raised in rural Colorado by a paramedic and a plastic-injection-molding-machinist-turned-programmer, Julie always had a natural affinity for technology. She joined as a human capital consultant in the early 2000s and helped pioneer the use of internet-based talent acquisition methods by Fortune 500 companies in Seattle. After riding out the boom (and then bust) and growing her revenue portfolio to over $5 million in just a year and a half, Julie headed to Yale, where she obtained graduate degrees in law and economics.

Over the following decade, Julie sojourned in South Africa, Switzerland, the US again, and then Germany, quickly establishing herself as one of the world’s leading experts in international economic law, global governance regimes, and alternative dispute settlement. She picked up a Ph.D. in international development studies along the way, and in 2014 she was appointed Senior Researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg. Julie had begun passively following Bitcoin in 2012 while teaching at Duke Law School and was immediately taken with its potential to provide access to finance to the world’s unbanked populations. The move to Max Planck gave her the opportunity to shift her research profile to cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, digital identity management, collective intelligence, and the many other fascinating social innovations DLTs make possible. Her knack for connecting the dots between the legal, economic, social, and technical dimensions of these innovations in plain language has made her a sought-after public speaker and advisor to governments, corporations, start-ups, and inter-governmental bodies.

Julie currently sits on the Fintech advisory board of the German Ministry of Finance and the G20 Digital Economy Experts Task Force and is a resource person for the UN Internet Governance Forum. In addition to her appointment at Max Planck, she holds external research appointments with the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies. She has recently been advising IOTA on the incorporation and governance set-up of the foundation and is actively helping to develop projects to be carried out by the social venture fund.

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