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Joshua Scigala is a distinguished designer, animator & entrepreneur. Initially training as a designer and special effects artist in Sydney, Australia, Joshua went on to establish himself as a sought after senior designer in some of the best post-production houses in Australia.

Joshua, in turn, turned his attention to the television industry, designing & producing for some of the biggest show brands in the world, such as The Big Bang Theory, 24 & Australian Idol. As well as rebranding whole networks like 4meTV Singapore and Sydney.

In 2001, Joshua established an online swapping web app designed to combat the huge waste accumulated as a by-product of the textile industry. was the first website in the world to provide clothing swapping facilities and was featured on Fox News, Dr. Phil & Bloomberg (sold in 2014). Joshua is also the founder of, one of Australia's first online fashion boutiques selling on behalf of exclusive Australian & New Zealand fashion houses(sold in 2008).

After developing cutting edge IOS application technology as the director of The Mobile App Company Pty Ltd, Joshua turned his attention to the advancement of Crypto-currencies and has been an avid member and proponent of the Bitcoin community since 2010. He moved to Berlin in 2012, and with his interest in alternative economies established as a co-founder together with his brother Philip Scigala.

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