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Josh Choi

Josh Choi

Director of Public Affairs ICON Foundation


Josh Choi is an international expert in strategy development, partnership building and global marketing in the field of Information Technologies and Services. His unique combination of experience both in private and public sector has made him an excellent coordinator and negotiator in the multi-stakeholder business environment.

He currently serves as the Director of Public Affairs at ICON Loop which is Korea's No. 1 blockchain enterprise, managing the governance of the ICON Network, as well as growing its ecosystem in the public sector. He is managing partnerships with international organizations and public agencies to find network representatives, as well as expanding the impact of blockchain throughout several industry verticals.

His previous position includes the Programme Lead of Smart ABC (AI, Banking and Cities), Head of Visitors' Center and Policy Analyst at International Telecommunication Union, UN Special Agency in the ICT, where he worked for nine years. Previously, he was Senior Marketing Manager at Daum Communications, the first Korean web portal of significant size.

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