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Jordan Lawrence

Jordan Lawrence

Chairman and CEO PCN Capital


Jordan Lawrence is an entrepreneurial journey started in 2002 when he saw the rise of eCommerce and owned one of the very first successful online surf shops in Europe for 4 years. Within 6 months from inception of the eCommerce portal, it grew over 1,800 customers generating £100k in revenue.

Fast-forward to 2008, Jordan founded the Payments & Cards Network (PCN) to venture into the world of FinTech and participate in this exciting space. He launched Zource AI with the purpose of saving clients time and money on costly support on recruitment. Being a huge AI and FinTech enthusiast, he has integrated these in all his businesses to simplify processes and complexity of digital disruption.

In addition, he has spoken in a few conferences/summits such as ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Summit in LA, as well as hosted numerous panels around the world at the FinTech South Conference in Atlanta and in various European Panels.

Jordan has flown all over the world and lived in several countries including the USA, Portugal and the Canary Islands in Spain. Most years are spent in Amsterdam, where all his business ventures are headquartered, with offices globally, mainly in Atlanta and Singapore. When he is not at his desk, you’ll find him surfing or kite surfing in sunny destinations.

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