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John Wolpert

John Wolpert

Member of the Board of Advisors Neocova


John Wolpert is a Chief Product Officer, CEO, Executive Director.

He has habituated to digging into problems worth solving, seeing opportunities to apply creative business models and technology to solve them, and building first-class teams that can approach problems from different viewpoints.

John ha co-founded IBM Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric. He is now working with Joe Lubin and ConsenSys to make Web3 a practical reality, where protocols and platforms like Fabric, Corda, Tendermint, Truebit, and others work together and avoid 'blockchain balkanization' by coordinating state through the Ethereum mainnet. #stateful-Internet

John has spun the first ride-sharing company, Flywheel out of Best Buy, led it through two pivots and two rounds of funding. The company was acquired.

He has helped build 5 commercial ecosystems: Hyperledger Fabric, alphaWorks (online), IXC (R&D), Flywheel (mobile), IBM Watson.

John created and ran a consortium of companies in IT, life sciences and healthcare in the US, Australia, and the UK. He has spent four years overseas leading these and other “open innovation” initiatives.

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