Meet John Slazas -
John Slazas

John Slazas

Global CIO DARMA Capital


As a business owner and entrepreneur, John Slazas is excited to be part of the developing landscape of WEB 3.0 technologies and to offer a program that supports its early adapters with an actively risk-managed investment vehicle as an alternative to a HODL strategy.

As an Investment Manager, his goal is to provide confidence and security to his clients in the management of their digital assets. For his clients that mean consistently identifying digital and market risks as well as alpha-generating opportunities.

John has experience in risk management and trading spans over 3 decades in the Futures and Options markets and the trading of digital assets since 2013. During that time, he lived through a lot of change and market emotion. As an analytical observer of quantitative and behavioral market conditions, he shares his risk management experience through a suite of benchmarked WEB 3.0 protocol layer digital asset investment programs.

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