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Ji Sheng Tan

Ji Sheng Tan

Founder TriveAcademy Sdn Bhd


Ji Sheng Tan is a data scientist with experience in strategizing the product development roadmap and architecting solutions. He has helped clients plan and build mobile applications, web application, data visualizations, running artificial intelligent experiments, building data pipeline, and cost optimization by making use of multiple solutions on the cloud.

He is the core developer of the Trivechain protocol focusing on developing the future roadmap of Trivechain. He believes that there are still applications of blockchain technology besides cryptocurrencies and is working on the R&D of using blockchain to record other assets that need to be decentralized such as open data for Artificial Intelligent consumption, TriveGovernance, TriveStamp, TriveAsset as well as the TriveApps that host decentralized applications.

He is currently a technical advisor in 2 companies that he co-founded. Sprintla Sdn Bhd which raised funding from MOL to provide cloud printing service; Hexon Data Sdn Bhd which provide tracking and analysis of buses and solid waste truck collectors in Petaling Jaya and Penang through the state governments.

The love of teaching led him to mentor in startup events including 1 Malaysia Entrepreneur (1MET), Startup Weekends and invited speaker at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Start Lab (MIT GSL) 2015. In 2018, He founded the TriveAcademy under the TriveChain Foundation to provide education, guidance, support and works together with academia, researchers and innovators to bring out the potential of blockchain technology.

He pursues Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Technology in Multimedia University as a research scholar sponsored by Telekom Malaysia focusing on feature learning using deep learning to predict telecommunication network fault.

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