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Jesse McMeikan

Jesse McMeikan

Manager of Industry Projects Deakin University


Jesse McMeikan is currently the manager of final year industry programs at the Deakin School of Information Technology, focused on developing hard and soft skills among students from a variety of IT disciplines via sponsored industry projects. Having worked in a variety of different roles within the university sector from philanthropy to university-driven start-ups, Jesse found himself in the unique position of being drafted into the School to help develop a scalable program that would be the “last stop” for work-readiness before graduation and eventual employment.

An enthusiastic and early adopter of Bitcoin and Ethereum before the hype of 2017, and having survived TheDAO, Jesse has encouraged students at Deakin to explore the possibilities of blockchains and decentralised architecture setting up a number of Student Product Tribes working on blockchain-based projects in the areas of digital health records, superannuation and energy and carbon trading.

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