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Over the course of his career, Jesse Davis has been fortunate to serve in every area of a software company from Software Engineer to Chief Operating Officer at sizes ranging from startup to large (1B+) public companies. He has built and led Product, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and G&A teams to achieve rapid growth and successful M&A (both buying and selling). A passionate teacher and coach, he enjoys creating a culture that attracts talent while growing and developing individuals, teams, and leaders - it's the only way to increase productivity while still having fun.

He has spent a lot of time helping executives and boards understand thorny technology issues while simultaneously helping the technical teams understand the business needs and requirements for growth - this divide exists everywhere and hinders a company's ability to move quickly and still feel like a team.

That's why they founded Ajito. At Ajito, they focus on developers and technical leaders. They help them grow, realize fulfilling careers, and bridge the divide that exists between the technical and the business sides of the organization. They believe that technology is the answer to some of our planet's most pressing issues. By helping the tech tribe develop and grow while simultaneously helping executives build loyal and predictable teams, they hope to have a positive impact on the future.

He began his speaking career at JavaOne in 2002, and have been chosen to speak at Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Workshops, and other events over the years. An engaging and high-energy speaker and teacher, he loves getting people excited about the future of technology and the impact that developers have on the world.

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