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Jeffrey DiMuro

Jeffrey DiMuro

Chief Security and Compliance Architect Salesforce


Jeffrey DiMuro, Chief Security and Compliance Architect, leads the Financial Services Security and Compliance practice at Salesforce. In this role, Jeff focuses on providing data governance and security frameworks to enable customers to meet their information security and regulatory requirements.

Jeff frequently meets with global regulatory bodies to anticipate regulatory changes and to promote the safe, secure, and compliant adoption of cloud services. Jeff’s career has allowed him to focus on designing solutions for data loss protection, perimeter security, secure email, mobile security, and XaaS security.

Jeff has been awarded two US Patents for his work in Perimeter Security (Packet Profiling) and Secure Credit Card Processing (Secure Card with On-Board Authentication/Authorization/Auditing). His passion for security has led to the additional filing of multiple patent applications in the areas of Identity Management (iBind), Secure Email (S.T.E.P. - Secure Transfer Electronic Presentment), and various encryption techniques.

Jeff formerly served as an Executive Director and Global Security Architect Lead at JPMorgan Chase. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, Jeff led the Data Protection Engineering team as a Senior Vice President at Citigroup.

Jeff earned his Juris Doctor from Delaware Law School and received his BS in Finance from the College of New Jersey.

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