Meet Jayraj Nair -
Jayraj Nair

Jayraj Nair

VP, Global Head IoT and CTO Wipro Limited


As Global Head of IoT, Jayraj Nair drives Wipro’s leadership role in the broader IoT and Industry 4.0 ecosystem, strengthening our presence by driving revenue growth of the IoT business, setting our strategic and technological direction, and building the current team to capitalize on our significant investment in the digital space.

Based in Silicon Valley’s hotbed of technological activity, Jayraj is inspired by the sheer velocity of innovation all around him. In his career, he has witnessed the evolution of computing, storage and networking technologies, their price/performance value and capability transformation creating significant societal impact and real business value in our hyper-connected world. He channels this spirit of innovation to bring clients, ecosystem partners and team members together to solve real-world problems. He is a Computer Engineer by profession with over twenty years of experience in Information Technology. He received a Master in Business Administration from Iowa State University (ISU) and Master of Science in Engineering & Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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