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Jay Liang

Jay Liang

Founder and Co-Chairman Hong Kong Blockchain Association


Jay Liang is the Founder and Co-Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association. He is a Veteran PE, VC and hedge fund professional with over 25 years in experience from Wall Street, to Silicon Valley and to the Asia Pacific. He is a successful entrepreneur having founded OES Capital Group with over $2 billion AUM. He is an active speaker on trade, public policy, and geopolitical issues in US Congress, Chinese American communities, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Jay is a contributing social leader as Honorary Chairman of US-China CEO Organization, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Founding Vice Chairman of Taiwan Future Study Society, Founding Executive Director of SoCal Mont Jade Science and Technology Association, ex-Chair of Asia Pacific Advisory Board of Rand Corporation, and ex-Board Member of SoCal Asia Society.

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