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Jason Jones

Jason Jones

Commercial Lead Centrifuge


Jason Jones has spent his career creating new ventures and investing in companies at the intersection of finance and technology. He is interested in how technology has unlocked new investment sectors by establishing alternative marketplaces between buyers and sellers.

He has created data-driven funds and Robo-advisors that have invested hundreds of millions on alternative marketplaces like p2p lending, real estate crowdfunding, crypto investing, private shares investing, and angel investing. He has operated as a hedge fund portfolio manager, a venture capitalist, a research analyst, and as an entrepreneur.

Jason also had the good fortune to create and operate one of the world's largest fintech events, which has given him unprecedented access to the world's leading fintech entrepreneurs, top bank executives, technology visionaries, and asset allocators.

He believes that data is the core foundational element of the Internet and the fuel that feeds the global economy. Blockchain and AI are the Web3 infrastructure technologies that will help us communicate, organize, and operate far more efficiently.

Jason is hopeful for a future world filled with abundance and a higher standard of living for everyone. He believes that every investment decision should be measured not only by its return on capital but also by its impact on society. He chose to focus his decisions on outcomes that contribute positively to our world. He is an optimist and sees the good in people.

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