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Jason Appleton

Jason Appleton

Founder Crows Nest Ex


A former Pro/Am MMA Fight Promoter and VP Of Sales For A National Mortgage Company, Jason Appleton began his venture into Crypto in December of 2017 and quickly established a loyal following inspired by his rise, educated by his lessons and touched by his story of rags to riches and a never quit attitude.

Having grown up with very little, Jason knows what it's like to live on Ramon noodles and .39 cent meat packets. Raised by a single mother, Jason saw struggle every day of his life. He spent 40 years learning new industries and establishing a name in those industries for integrity, hard work and accomplishment. Now, in the Cryptocurrency space, Jason's mission is to rise into the ranks of the wealthy while bringing others along for the ride, every step of the way. He aims to educate newcomers to the Crypto space while teaching them security, analysis and more in the name of empowering others to build wealth in what may be a small window of time where making a dollar out of .2 cents is more than probable.

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