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Jane Lippencott

Jane Lippencott

Head of Liquidity Services Origin X Capital


Jane Lippencott is an active Asia-based investor, entrepreneur, executive, and advisor in the blockchain space.

Currently, Jane is the Head of Liquidity at Origin X Capital, a prominent crypto asset management group and prop fund out of Hong Kong. She is also Head of Business Development at CoinFi, a platform offering real-time intelligence and customizable financial products to cryptocurrency traders. Jane advises Ezra New Economy Fund, where she is also a partner. Jane first started working in blockchain in 2016 as a founding team member of ZenCash (now Horizen), an encrypted ecosystem building an on-chain governance module and a privacy-oriented DAG protocol. She also actively advises and invests in early-stage startups.

Jane is involved exclusively in projects leveraging blockchain tech to provide the network infrastructure necessary for people to securely express themselves and collaboratively build value. She believes in the power of human choice, that all people have a right to personal privacy, that decentralized (peer to peer) networks and governance models (done right) will lead to a global reallocation of wealth and power.

While attaining IB/Finance degrees, Jane structured a Sino-centric experience by studying and working in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, and the US. As an American raised in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and New York City, Jane has a unique, international worldview and act as a bridge builder between the East and West.

Jane is an active public speaker, having spoken at 50+ global conferences in the past two years.

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