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Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke

Founder and CEO Outlier Ventures


Jamie Burke has been working and investing in emergent tech as an autodidact for 17 years, starting out at the beginning of Web 2.0, during the emergence of 'the social web'.

He has witnessed the utopic euphoria that accompanies an emergent paradigm, seen the complex socio-economic realities that follow and helped some of the world's biggest companies try to adapt.

This has made him a cautious optimist, pragmatist and sometimes controversial polemicist in how he talks about blockchains and Web 3.0.

Back in 2012, he saw blockchains, smart contracts and cryptographically secure tokens in combination with other innovations in AI would birth the next phase of The Web.

As an early investor in Bitcoin and Ether he went 'all in' during 2013 founding Outlier Ventures, Europe’s 1st venture fund and platform dedicated to blockchain and Web 3.0.

Since then they have gone on to become a world-leading VC in the space and lead investor and strategic partner to billion-dollar initiatives like IOTA, Evernym (Sovrin), Botanic (Seed) and to name a few.

They have gone on to lead the industry and pioneer the ‘convergence thesis’ which looks at the emergent opportunity of where blockchain-like decentralized technologies combine with other areas of deep tech like AI, IoT, Autonomous Robotics, 3D Printing, and Mixed Reality and act as an accelerator.

Jamie is a regular keynote speaker, panelist, published author and media commentator.

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