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Iulian Circo

Iulian Circo

Co-Founder Proof of Impact


Iulian Circo is a serial entrepreneur specialized in high-stake businesses that use exponential technology to achieve impact at scale.

Over the years, he got to lead unique, action-packed operations in some of the world’s most challenging environments. He has been at the center of initiatives that turned around traditional non-profit platforms into industry-leading innovators and has successfully founded and scaled up technology start-ups focused on unlocking entirely new categories of impact financing and delivery models.

Currently, Iulian IS setting up Proof of ImpacT, a global, blockchain-powered platform that allows anyone to structure, verify and fund impact at any scale and is designed to become the core utility for the Purpose Economy.

He is also involved with a number of other exciting startups, either as co-founder, advisor, investor or board member. He gets excited by bold, unreasonable initiatives and will go out of his way to support those that inspire him.

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