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Issac Elnekave

Issac Elnekave

Co-Founder Tide Foundation


Issac is the Co-Founder of the Tide Foundation (, custodians of The Tide Protocol – open source technology designed to help organizations (including blockchains) step up to tomorrow’s privacy protection reality and comply with global regulation regimes, such as GDPR, e-privacy, while enabling consumers to control and monetize their data held by those organizations.

Issac Elnekave is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong track record of taking businesses from concept to execution and exit.

Issac started his career as Californian Entrepreneur of the year 1996; and BRW Top 100 fastest growing companies 1996. In 1997 he moved to Sydney, Australia from his home town of Santa Monica and grew Bagel House to be the largest wholesaler of bagels in Australia (acquired by George Western Foods).

In 2007, he co-founded ecommerce giant, which grew to be the largest Skincare e-commerce retailer in Australia (acquired by in US). In 2016 Issac co-founded Ziva (, a marketing platform for the Internet of Things, enabling brands to engage with consumers in their ‘off screen’ lives.

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